Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Creative Solutions to Life's problems

We are constantly inspired by the resourcefulness of creative people. There are numerous examples of talented individuals who have found creative ways to earn money and full fill their creative needs. Here is a great, example which can benefit anyone looking for low cost, original artwork. Check out ten dollar drawings' website and find beautifully drawn novelties or commission a subject matter of your choice. The artist, being committed to drawing everyday and wanting to save money to be tattoo artist, chose to create a website in which she will draw anything you like on a 5 x 7 sized paper for $10 each. And the drawings are really charming!!! Be sure to visit their website Http:/www.tendollardrawings.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Creative Now than Ever!

Sure, times are tough but it is time to look to the positive and remember that some of the best ideas are formed out of need. Take Salvatore Ferragamo for example, he struggled to develop his shoe business during the great depression and even dealt with pending bankruptcy and closure at several points. With a restricted supply of materials, he was forced to think of new solutions which lead him to his patented cork wedge design he created in the mid 1930's. This moment of resourceful creativity resulted in an idea that set him apart from his competition. Ultimately, this lead him to relaunch his business which is still successful and respected today. For additional history about this legendary brand go to: http://www.salvatoreferragamo.it/en/#folderId=/en/experience/brandhistory

I couldn't help but think of the parallels between the beginnings of his story and the struggles many young designers and entrepreneurs are experiencing today.

But being open to what is available around you can also apply to everyday items you take for granted, like your closet. Take Sara X from http://www.publicpersonae.com/blog/. She committed to a 30-day challenge in which she explored her own closet to find creative new ways to wear the clothing she already owns. She documented her daily creations on her blog so check it out and be inspired to look at what you already have around you in a new way too!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your Style...

The best thing about personal style is experimentation. You never have just one look that defines you, so why should one brand be expected to define your style?

Identity Style edits through thousands of products to find the best of what is available so you can find items that reveal something about who you are or who you want to be...we will report on fashion, home products and design, music, travel, art, and color so you have the best information, products, resources, and tips available.
And don't forget to enjoy to journey!

(images from Refinery 29)